Plant Based First Aid Kit

When I leave the house there are always a few things I am sure to grab just in case! If you’ve ever met our youngest child, Stephen, you totally understand this. He’s a bit more active than the others EVER were. I need to be prepared for any situation, LOL. Essential oils are the bulk of my first aid kit, but there are a few other items that are important also.

So, my oil bag is full of oils for everything. Lavender, copaiba, digize, thieves, frankincense, Dragon Time, cypress, tea tree….to name a few! I also love having a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy on hand for emotional meltdowns. It’s also great for if anyone gets hurt and needs to be redirected. It never fails me. The stuff is magic. I keep various roller bottles on hand too. Most of them are blends for my emotional wellbeing. Because leaving the house with four children ranging in age from 4-16 can be an emotional situation. Just saying!!

I carry some herbal salves with me too. One is for bug bites and cuts. My friend Jenni makes it and it’s fantastic. On some occasions, I have some herbal tea blends along just in case I feel I need some extra support during the day. Dried lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are some of my favorites. The lavender and chamomile are great for calming the nerves and in a pinch can be used on an open wound to soothe and clean it.

There you have it, my makeshift, grab what you can as you run out the door, plant based first aid kit! Need/want more info? Shoot me a message, I’ll hook you up! Or…click the link below

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