Diluting Essential Oils...It's not that difficult!

When the topic of essential oil dilution comes up I tend to have to take a deep breath. There are certainly situations where dilution is an important piece of the puzzle, but in general, it’s not that difficult. When dealing with small children and the elderly, you definitely want to be sure the ratios you are using are sufficient. These two groups of people have thinner skin and more porous skin. That makes the essential oils absorb quicker into the body. Because of this, you want to be sure oils that are irritants to the skin are diluted and applied properly to the patient. Below is a chart on suggested dilutions for a range of people.

I like to make sure patients know that, it’s ok if you drop in 8 drops even if a recipe says 6. It is not the end of the world and it’ll be ok!! You can always add a bit more carrier oil.

The most important thing to remember is to be smart and use common sense when using plant medicine. Also, have fun with it! It works, and the more experience you get in using them, the less stressful it’ll be.


0.5-1% Children, elderly

2% Topical, whole body lotions and oils

4% For concentrated (local areas)

Carrier Volume 1% 2% 4%

½ ounce (1T) 3 drops 6 drops 12 drops

1 ounce (2T) 6 drops 12 drops 24 drops

2 ounces 12 drops 24 drops 48 drops

4 ounces 24 drops 48 drops 96 drops

8 ounces 48 drops 96 drops 192 drops

16 ounces 96 drops 192 drops 384 drops

Selecting an Appropriate Dilution (These are recommendations only.)

Be sure to check specific contraindications of the oils you choose.

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