The Missing Piece of Your Wellness Journey

     Have you been wondering why your wellness journey is stuck in a rut?  When life seems to be falling apart due to poor health you may think physical wellness is the only issue but turning inward to spiritual well-being may be the only way to prepare the body for true, total wellness.  True wellness can only be achieved when the body, the mind, and the spirit are in perfect harmony.

A Higher Calling

    Spiritual wellness is involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose.  It is seeking a purpose to a higher calling. Knowing there is a need to serve a purpose in this world above everyday tasks is freeing to the soul. If you don't know yourhigher purpose your body cannot heal and your spirit will become worn down and weak.  If you have an illness it is likely you will recover when you seek spiritual wellness and truly ask for God’s guidance in your life.  Trusting that God can heal your body is a tool many shy away from.  Scriptures tell us that God is the ultimate healer. I have struggled with chronic illness for over a decade. I can attest to the power of God’s healing.  I vividly remember a church group coming to pray healing scriptures over me early in my illness.     In that moment I did not truly believe that God was going to heal me.  I did not understand the lessons thatI still had to learn.  It was not until later after losing my seventh baby that I really understood it.  I had to believe and surrender control over my life.  I was told by doctors I was a walking miracle.   I also was pregnant for the 12th time with a baby that deserved a chance.  It was in that moment that I called on God for myself, to heal my body and my baby, and He did!  He carried out his promises in Scripture.  I am now symptom free and have a happy two-and-a-half year old son.  Scripture reminded me that God forgives and promises to heal us of diseases.  Knowing that there is going be freedom from illness gives hope to those who believe.

                                                Taking Care of the Mind and Body

    I used every tool I had available to me in the natural realm of healing also.  I firmly believe that having a healthy, active mind will help the body to achieve total wellness.  Getting out and experiencing life is a bold move in healing the body.  Keeping your mind active and fresh will help your body to feel fresh and alive.  I love the idea of taking up a new hobby and reading to broaden your knowledge to keep your mind going. 

    Spiritual and mental health are not all that is required for optimal health.  You must take care of your physical body also.  The body’s physical wellness follows in line with the mind and spirit being in complete harmony.  A body must be regularly detoxed and regenerated.  This can be done in numerous ways.  My favorite “resetting” diet is the GAPS Diet.  GAPS stands for Gut and Phycology Syndrome.  This program is based on healing the gut through a bone broth diet. This kills off bacteria that is not beneficial to the body.  It also seals the lining of the gut so that proper digestion and beneficial bacteria can flourish.  After the Intro phase foods are gradually added back into the diet to allow for proper reintroduction and to see if there are any true food disturbances.  More information about GAPS can be found here  Alternatives to healing through nutrition are juicing and fasting.  Juicing has been a big part of my healing through the years.  It floods the cells with nutrients so they can reproduce in a healthy way.  Exercising regularly is another key component to healing your body.  Moving your body so it can detox and have proper blood and lymphatic flow is a vital component to health and wellness.  Alternative therapies such as herbalism, aromatherapy, and homeopathy are also wonderful ways to aid in the body’s overall wellness.  These modalities are used to enhance the immune system.  Some plants are wonderful for treating illnesses on a level of killing bacteria and others are used for treating symptoms.  Symptomatic treatments can be beneficial in allowing you to feel well enough to get out and exercise.

Remember to Have Hope

    Your body is a miraculous vessel.  Treating it in a respectful way will lead it to total wellness.  It is important to remember that all systems work together and you need to look at and treat all areas of your lives to achieve optimal health.  Remembering that the spirit of your soul is a vital part of overall healing will bring your body to total wellness.  It will set your body free to heal itself and set your mind free to open the channels to do so.  Seeking a Higher Power to aid in
healing is a piece of the puzzle many miss.  Having control of your thoughts is such a positive habit to acquire.  Not only does it keep your mind fresh but it allows for every cell to be flooded with positivity.  Keeping a healthy body starts from within.  Proper nutrition and exercise are key components to keeping your body, mind, and soul refreshed.  Harmony within the body creates true wellness.  After all, wellness that permeates to the core of your body is what you are seeking.  You long for wellness that will lead to a path of joy, peacefulness, and love.  Your soul is where true wellness takes place.  Remember your Creator yearns to heal your broken body and heart.  Without that hope your body can never truly be well.

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